Fire Safety Equipment

Blackdown Cottage is a timber-framed, timber-panelled, late-19th century dwelling. Please refer to the Fire Safety Assessment page of our Website for a detailed commentary on safety issues.

Full, written, fire evacuation procedures are supplied to our guests on arrival.

The following fire-safety equipment is held in the cottage:.

  1. Two, 6kg, powder fire extinguishers suitable for type ABC fires, wall-mounted at either end of the hall. In accordance with recommended practice, these units are placed between the likely seat of any fire and the main exit points of the cottage.
  2. One 2-litre fire extinguisher wall-mounted immediately outside the kitchen door, together with a fire blanket wall-mounted within the kitchen area.
  3. Two mains-supplied smoke detectors located at either end of the hall.
  4. Emergency lighting units fitted in the hall and the electricity meter/boiler room.


Fire Risk Assessment

The following assessment has been carried out in compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 as it relates to self-catering accommodation.

Use and storage of combustible materials

Coal required for the sitting room fireplace is stored in an outhouse. Only that sufficient for a single night’s use is kept in a coalscuttle next to the fire. Small quantities of wood needed for the wood burner in the dinning area is stored to one side of the hearth and at a safe distance from the burner. Further quantities of wood and coal are stored off the premises at a safe distance from the house. Oil for the central heating system is stored in a fully bunded tank situated approximately 12 feet from the property in accordance with current legislation.

Safety precautions in place for heating appliances

The cottage is centrally heated by means of an oil-fired combi-boiler professionally installed and commissioned in November 2007. This boiler occupies its own, brick construction room, separate from the main dwelling. The open fireplace in the sitting room is supplied with a wire mesh removable fireguard. The wood-burning stove in the dinning area is fitted with doors that should remain closed when the fire is lit.

Electrical Equipment

All portable electrical appliances are tested annually, in March, in accordance with current legislation (the PAT test). The cottage and it’s outbuildings were completely rewired in November 2007 and comply with the requirements of the IEE Wiring Regulations. All appliances with the exception of the television and DVD player are connected to their own dedicated power point. A double plug is in use for the television and DVD player. All appliances have the minimum length of flex connecting them to their individual power point.


All mattresses and sofas at the cottage comply with current fire-safety regulations.

Emergency Exits

The cottage is a single story building. Persons needing to exit the building in an emergency would normally do so through doors at either end of the central hallway or through the patio doors situated in the dinning area. A key to the patio door is always kept in the lock for immediate use. In addition to these, each room in the cottage has at least two windows designed to open partially. These windows should NOT be relied upon except in situations of real emergency when access to the other exits is denied. In the unlikely event of a fire, persons are advised to attempt an exit through the FRONT door or the PATIO doors, both of which lead directly onto the garden. TheREAR door leads to a covered way and thence to the garden. All routes are, at the start of each letting period, clear of obstructions and other hazards.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting, connected to the mains and supported by batteries, is provided in the hall as well as the electricity meter/boiler room. All emergency lighting is regularly checked. In addition there are outside lights by the front and rear doors and by the patio doors.

Fire detection system

Two, mains wired, automatic smoke detectors are fitted at either end of the hall and are regularly tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. A separate power source is provided by integral batteries.

Fire fighting equipment

Two, wall-mounted, 60-litre dry-powder fire extinguishers are fitted, one at either end of the hall. In accordance with fire-safety recommendations both fire extinguishers are situated between the kitchen and a point of emergency exit. In addition, a fire blanket is positioned in the kitchen, close to the oven and hob. A further, hand-held extinguisher is positioned immediately outside the kitchen door. Annual inspections of the extinguishers are held in accordance with BS 5306 Part 8, 2000.


Regular contact is maintained with our insurance broker who is fully aware and satisfied with current arrangements

Assessment conducted by:

Patrick Hook, owner of Blackdown Cottage
Oakdown Farm
Burwash Common
East Sussex, TN19 7JR

Date: 11th December 2008